Problems Uploading files to Equella

Update (8th May): A workaround is available

It has been discovered that users are unable to successfully upload files to Equella if they have the latest version of the Java runtime environment installed as their web browser will crash after uploading. You can check if you have the latest version of the Java runtime environment, the only version known to cause problems (at the time of writing) beingĀ  ‘Java 6 update 13′ on Windows XP and Vista.

As an interim measure, until a fix is deployed, we have made changes to the upload form in Equella so you can still upload content.

Equella Temporary Upload Form

Single Files

Attach files in a similar way to attaching them to an e-mail. Click the ‘Browse’ button to locate your file, and click attach to upload it to the server.

Multiple Files

You can also attach multiple files using this form. If you have several files or need to upload directories of content you can upload them as a ZIP and the server will extract it for you.

If your computer doesn’t have the latest Java Runtime Environment, you can ignore the above method and upload as normal, using the ‘Launch File Manager’ button at the bottom of the form. We recommend that if you are prompted to update Java you postpone it until a fix for this issue is found. If you are unsure or are experiencing problems you can contact your school support.

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